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As a modern, blazing fast static site generator, Gatsby offers a plethora of tools and features for building high-performance websites and applications. Here are 30 best practices to keep in mind when using Gatsby in 2023 and beyond: 1. Use Gatsby plugins: To add functionality to your site, utilize the vast array of Gatsby plugins available in the Gatsby Plugin Library. For example: 2. Optimize…

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Swap two numbers without using third variable. There are two common ways to swap two numbers without using third variable. Solution 1: Using + and - Let's see a simple c example to swap two numbers without using third variable. Output: Solution 2: Using * and / Let's see another example to swap two numbers using * and /. Output:

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One of the first programs that many people learn to write is a program that simply prints the text "Hello, World!" to the screen. This program is often used as a simple way to get started with a new programming language, as it demonstrates the basic syntax and structure of the language. Here is a list of "Hello, World!" programs in a variety of popular programming languages: C: C++: Java: Python…

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